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Pierce County Trail Spotlight: Wapato Hills Loop Trail (Tacoma)

Wapato Hills is in the south Tacoma area, located primarily on South 56th and Tacoma Mall BLVD. The loop trail highlighted here follows the dirt/gravel path that starts at South 62nd and South Wapato.

Follow the gravel path starting at So. 62nd and So. Wapato for .3 miles. The path follows the far west area of the Wapato Hills Urban Wildlife habitat area, connecting the Vaughn Playfield with South 56th. Take the path on the right just before the trail dead-ends at South 56th. Climb this trail approx. 160′ over .3 miles. Intersect with the ‘Upper Loop Trail’ at the top of the the hill, and head right. The loop trail is .5 miles total, crossing over two (2) separate board walks that span areas of standing water.

Appreciate the native plant diversity at the park; Oregon white oak, oregon grape, osoberry, beaked hazelnut, Oceanspray, salal, snowberry, serviceberry, and Cascara are some of the natives you’ll see in this urban oasis.

Intersect back with the downhill trail connector and head back to the trail starting point at Vaughn Playfield (So. 62 and So. Wapato). 1.75m RT, 160′ Elevtion Gain.

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