Pierce County Trail Awards


Award Categories

The program will award a minimum of two awards, but not more than three, each year in one of the following general areas:

  • A place or project

  • Lifetime achievement for an individual

  • Individual with a particularly outstanding year

  • Governmental organization

  • Non-governmental organization

Basic Criteria

  • The activity must make a significant contribution toward building missing trail links or filling gaps in the trail network.

  • The place must be in Pierce County and the person’s actions must most directly impact trail development in Pierce County.

  • A high degree of inter-jurisdictional activity is highly desired.

  • The recognition will cover current activity (i.e. within the last year), but may also be part of a longer-term project or effort.

  • The recognition should acknowledge tangible achievements: completed projects, new funding available, completion of a plan, beginning of construction, etc.

  • The activity must have some degree of risk or leadership involved in its completion.

  • Repeat recognition is not specifically forbidden but should be carefully considered.

Pierce County Trail Award Recipients


  • Place/Project - MetroParks Tacoma - Wilson Way Bridge & Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance Park

  • Non-government Organization - Washington Trails Association

  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Don Partington


  • Place/Project - The Foothills Trail - South Prairie to Buckley - Pierce County Parks & Recreation Services

  • Non-government Organization - Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition

  • Outstanding Year - Gary Leaf


  • Organization in Government - Pierce County Council & Pierce County Executive - Park Impact Fees

  • Outstanding Project - City of Tacoma - Prairie Line Trail

  • Trail Steward - Janet Myers


  • Place/Project - The Waterwalk at Point Ruston

  • Non-Government Organization - Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

  • Lifetime Achievement - Barbara Skinner


  • Place/project – The Cushman Trail, City of Gig Harbor, Pen Met Parks, Pierce County Parks, and Tacoma Public Utilities

  • Non-government Organization – The Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition

  • Outstanding Year – Bill Hilton

  • Lifetime Achievement – John Ernest Berry III



  • Place/project – 13 Miles of Bikeways, City of Tacoma (presented to Diane Wiatr)

  • Place/project – Prairie Line Trail – University of Tacoma Station (presented to Milt Tremblay)

  • Non-government Organization – The Russell Family Foundation for the Puyallup Watershed Initiative (presented to Richard Woo)



  • Government Organization - City of Bonney Lake (presented to Gary Leaf and Terry Reid)

  • Lifetime Achievement - Ernest Bay

  • Lifetime Achievement - Bryan Bowden

  • Lifetime Achievement - Buzz Grant

  • Lifetime Achievement - Kathy Kravit-Smith

  • Lifetime Achievement - Kirk Kirkland

(Exception to usual number of awards based on the inability to recognize only one of five outstanding nominees.)


  • Lifetime Achievement - Terry Lee

  • Government Organization - City of Sumner (presented to Ted Hill)



  • Outstanding Year - Bob & Diane Kastama

  • Government Organization - City of Tacoma (presented to Diane Wiatr)



  • Outstanding Year - Don Partington

  • Government Organization - Chambers Creek Properties (presented to:  Pierce County Council)



  • Outstanding Year - Marian Betzer

  • Government Organization - Pierce County Parks and Recreation Department



  • Lifetime Achievement - Dixie Gatchel

  • Place/project - Chambers Creek Properties

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