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The Interurban Trail is a contiguous trail corridor between Renton and Pacific. At its southern end, connections — east to the Sumner Link Trail, and west through Edgewood, Milton, and Fife — will bring enhanced recreation and mobility options to Pierce County.

Since 2005, ForeverGreen Trails has been involved in coordinating communities in north Pierce and south King counties to develop the Interurban Trail corridor. Over time, several sections of the project have been developed. The north-south portion of the trail has now been completed by the City of Pacific (for which they received a Trail Award in 2020). Now we are embarking on an effort to complete connections to other communities in Pierce County:

Stewart_8th Gap.png
Edgewood Milton Gap Slice.png

City of Sumner - White River Bridge:
The bridge project will support safer bike and
pedestrian movement and connect the
Interurban Trail to the Sumner Link Trail.
It is also connected to significant environmental
restoration along the White River

City of Edgewood:
This project will extend Edgewood's existing east-west section of the Interurban Trail down Jovita Canyon to connect to the trail in Pacific. FGT raised over $14,000 for this trail and leveraged a $3 million grant from WA State for this project.

City of Milton:
Another existing (east-west) section of the trail will be extended to connect with Edgewood. Milton is busy designing its project which will include a tunnel under SR 161 and cross Military Road to connect to Edgewood's trail.



Combined with the Tacoma to Puyallup Trail and others, this will comprise an 18-mile loop route connecting Fife, Puyallup, Sumner, Pacific, Edgewood, and Milton!

Loop Trail - Fennel Friendly.png

PLUS, the Interurban Trail is part of a Tacoma-to-Seattle route and will connect to Mount Rainier National Park!

Please help us complete this trail — become a member of ForeverGreen Trails or make a donation today!

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