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The Mountain Division corridor is a 3.7-mile-long abandoned RR owned by the City of Tacoma. It stretches from downtown through the Eastside neighborhood to the southern city limits. The City's Transportation Master Plan calls for the corridor to be developed as
a trail ("Trail to the Mountain").

ForeverGreen Trails is engaging the City of Tacoma to obtain a commitment for a public process in 2024 to reimagine the corridor as a trail — followed by rapid development of the trail.

Mountain Division
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Mountain Division
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Rail With Trail South!

While the corridor is owned by Tacoma as far south as the city limits (at S. 72nd), it continues south through Pierce County under the ownership of a private RR company. The buy-sell agreement under which they acquired the RR provides a mechanism for exploring potential "rail-with-trail" in the future. This can help us realize the Regional Trails Plan vision for the longest trail in our county (58 miles!). Activating Tacoma's section as a trail is the priority due to its greater feasibility.

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  3. If you live, work, or play in the Eastside neighborhood, please contact us so we can notify you about events related to this issue.

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