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Pierce County Trail Spotlight: Wapato Hills Loop Trail (Tacoma)

Wapato Hills is in the south Tacoma area, located primarily on South 56th and Tacoma Mall BLVD. The loop trail highlighted here follows the dirt/gravel path that starts at South 62nd and South Wapato. Follow the gravel path starting at So. 62nd and So. Wapato for .3 miles. The path follows the far west area of the Wapato Hills Urban Wildlife habitat area, connecting the Vaughn Playfield with South 56th. Take the path on the right just before the trail dead-ends at South 56th. Climb this trail approx. 160′ over .3 miles. Intersect with the ‘Upper Loop Trail’ at the top of the the hill, and head right. The loop trail is .5 miles total, crossing over two (2) separate board walks that span areas

Board column: Tacoma Nature Walks program

Tacoma parks are some of my favorite places to spend my free time and my work time. Fortunately, Metro Parks Tacoma offers a great system of parks across the city. From small neighborhood parks to large attractions like Point Defiance Park, there is a place for people in all communities to enjoy the outdoors. I believe this park system is one of the greatest assets Tacoma holds. I myself am a Tacoma resident and love to spend time at my neighborhood park with my family. My family visits our neighborhood park almost daily, using the playground, checking out the views of Mt. Rainier, and running through the grass. When we need an adventure a little farther away we go for hikes through some of

Executive Director Report

ForeverGreen Trails has been busy! We have a long list of short term goals and activities for the year and have started working on many of them. Our biggest event each year is the Pierce County Trails Conference. This year’s date is September 29, so mark your calendar now. Registration will start at 4 pm with the program beginning at 4:30. The theme is Trails: Transportation, Health, & Equity. We are still confirming details but hope to hold the conference at the University of Washington Tacoma with a walk on the Prairie Line Trail before things get started. Watch for more information over the next couple of months. We are an original member of the Active Transportation Community of Interes

Foothills Trail Expansion 2016/2017

History of the Foothills Trail The Foothills trail is a rail to trail project. The rail history began in 1864, when the United States Congress gave the Northern Pacific Railroad Company sufficient land to construct a railroad between Ellensburg and Tacoma. In 1883, Northern Pacific was forced to complete its line from the midwest to Tacoma or forfeit millions of acres of land grants. This rail section east of South Prairie through Enumclaw and the Stampede Pass tunnel was completed in July 1887, finally connecting Tacoma and Ellensburg. In about 1874 the Northern Pacific began construction of the railroad line from Tacoma to Wilkeson to take advantage of the newly discovered coal resources i

Pierce County considers increase to Parks Impact Fees

Negotiations are underway at Pierce County Park Department to increase Park Impact Fees. On a list of fees collected, Pierce County current amount is $385.00 among the lowest in the region. The national average is $2774, compatible with Puyallup ($2300) and Edgewood ($2940) and Snohomish County ($2889). But when Bonney Lake raised its fee to $2974, the number of building permits dropped dramatically. Bonney Lake is one of the two fastest growing areas of the county where builders feel the fee is prohibitive. The negotiations between builders, realtors and park advocates has taken two months. Discussions the focus on calculating the fee, and where to spend the total $58 million on existing p

ForeverGreen Trails takes lead on survey of trail users in Pierce County

ForeverGreen Trails wants to find out more about not only how many residents are using our trials but more about the trail users themselves and what would make their trail experience better. In 2016, Forevergreen Trails intends to complete a count and survey of users in at least three locations. The survey effort will be in coordination with a similar activity conducted by the Active Transportation Community of Interest (AT COI). Locations will be selected through consultation with Parks Directors in order to provide data that will be important for supporting current trail development. ForeverGreen sees this contact with trail users also being on opportunity to inform of our goal and work in